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You as the end user and site visitor pursue your personal interest and visit websites on a variety of topics. Your surfing behavior is stored anonymously in the browser, from which a profile is created and an interest is suspected. With this now defined interest, you will be able to display targeted advertisements across web pages. This entire process is referred to as online advertising.

In order for us to be able to show you relevant advertisements, we use cookies, web beacons and other technologies in all our services. Here we check your surfing behavior to get to know your interests. A more detailed explanation of what cookies, web beacons and other technologies are can be found on our Cookies Note page. Please note that we always anonymize your data, save it under a pseudonym and only consult with your consent. The consent of each site visitor is obtained when the website is first loaded. In the event that your browser deletes the cookies after the end, the consent is requested again on the next page visit.

The collected data sets about your surfing behavior, which are always anonymized and relate only to our services, we make available to our partner network for advertising purposes.

Each page visitor has his own settings related to him, which define the processing of the data he has collected. You are thus able to control the further use of your data.

Please visit our page with the cookie configuration options.

We collect your data: Mr.PRIME, Roman Baier, Fasanenweg 40, 74080 Heilbronn, Germany.

If your questions have not been answered, you can send us the remaining points to the following address.

Further helpful explanations on the topic described above can be found on the following pages. oder


To show you interest-based ads, we need to get to know you better. For this reason, we collect information about your activities that you perform on all our services.

These include, for example, the following.

  • page visits
  • clicked banners
  • searches

Your security on the internet is important to us. For this reason, we store the behavior patterns of our site visitors under a pseudonym to ensure their anonymity. Thus, an identification of your real person should be almost impossible.

So that one can surf the Internet, each terminal needs an IP address which is due to the user. For this reason, we hire a third party to anonymize your IP address. Thus, we ensure that our targeted ads relate to your surfing behavior and not to your local location


With the help of the following link, you will be taken to a page where you can deactivate the interest-based advertisements.

Click here to adjust your settings.

An alternative possibility which disable the creation / backup of cookies on your device in general, are the respective browser-dependent settings. There please choose „do not accept cookies“.

In these browser settings, you also have the option of being informed before saving new cookies so that you can decide for yourself which cookies you reject and which ones you want to accept. Detailed instructions on how to make this setting can be found in the manual of each browser.

Note: Regardless of which cookies you agree with, you can remove the already approved cookies at any time.

If you decide against cookies on our website and services, you must take into account that there may occasionally be functional limitations.

An important tool for us is the service of Google Analytics. For information about Google Analytics and how to disable it in relation to your data, please see our Cookie Usage Statement.


In order for us to be able to present You Targeted Advertisements, we have granted our affiliate network permission to retrieve the profiles you have saved, including your interests relating to our website, and to present the advertisements relevant to you on our website and other websites.

Our affiliates also have permission to advertise non-commercial ads. The choice of advertisements is based, in this case, on the data / profiles of other site visitors collected by the advertising partner.

In order to determine which cookies are already secured on your computer and to remove them if necessary, please open the following link.


If you want to know more about each third-party / advertising partner, you can do so at the following two websites.


The third party providers only have access to the data collected and anonymized by us, the data relating to you are excluded. Cookies are used so that advertising partners / third parties can always optimize their advertising ads and refine their interests in an oriented manner. Again, only anonymized data is collected and evaluated.

Your information will be collected through Google’s service to help us better understand your interests and usage patterns. We provide this anonymized data to our advertising partners so that they can publish relevant advertisements on our website. Of course, you are completely free to decide if we are allowed to collect your data. You can make the appropriate adjustments for the Google Ad Settings in our cookie settings.

To manage / remove our own 100K cars cookies from your device, you can also use the following link.

In order to be able to determine / evaluate the effectiveness of our advertisements on other websites, our advertising partners (eg Google Analytics) also provide us with the information collected on external websites. This enables us to adapt our advertisements to your needs and thus to further develop ourselves. Our cookie page also includes an explanation about Google Analytics, which you may like to here .


Our Should you have further questions about privacy, please check ourPrivat Policy. In the event that you do not receive an answer to your questions on this page, you may also submit your request to to send.

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