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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Mr.PRIMEBlack-Line-Image

This Privacy Policy is effective from January 2019.
Updates to our Privacy Policy are proactively communicated to our users via email via special display notifications on our website and our customers. At Mr.PRIME, we take the privacy and security of your personal information very seriously. We comply with all privacy laws and ensure that we process your personal information only if you give your consent or the law permits it.

The privacy policy below explains the use, collection, storage, disclosure and security of the information collected by the user.

Scope of this Privacy PolicyBlack-Line-Image, Roman Baier, Fasanenweg 40, 74080 Heilbronn, (DE) Germany is the sole operator of and also the sole data protection officer in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Note: The use of „our“ and „we“ in this privacy policy refers to Mr.PRIME as data controller. For any data-related request, you can email us at: . In accordance with global privacy standards and all applicable laws, we are responsible for collecting, using, disclosing, storing and protecting your data or personal information. If, for strategic reasons, it should be necessary to secure your data on a server outside the European Union, we are entitled to secure this worldwide.

Changes in the privacy policy
Anytime we make changes to the Privacy Policy, we will notify you by e-mail of the update and its date.
Furthermore, the current version of the privacy policy will always be available online.

What personal information do we collect?Black-Line-Image
    • At Mr.PRIME, we typically collect, use and store personally identifiable information or information about you and your equipment used to visit our website or use our services. You can use this device, for example, for the following activities:
  • When you create an account on our website
  • If you use our services
  • If you add more details or update your account
  • If you use provided inquiry / survey / feedback forms
  • If you use our chat feature
  • If you use other ways to communicate with us.
  • In addition, we use social networking plugins that allow us to collect data through social channels.

In order for a user agreement to be concluded, the complete billing address and a valid e-mail address are required. To place an ad on our site, the user must provide us with their contact information.
The following is a list from which various other sources of data can be collected from you.

If you use our services as a user, here you will find all sorts of information that you may provide to us:

  1. Recognize data such as names, temporary or permanent addresses, phone numbers / mobile numbers, e-mail addresses, or even your user ID (if applicable).
  2. Other information that you may be associated with, such as merchant ratings and comments about your merchant account.
  3. We collect your personal information even when …
  • capture new listings
  • use any contact request forms
  • pay for used services
  • create a financing request
  • use your user account
  • using search functions
  • save ads as favorites
  1. Your financial information may also be collected when you use one of our paid services. This financial information may include your bank account numbers or credit card information.
  2. If you use our services as a user, you may also share details such as gender, age, personal preferences and interests in our industry niche.
  3. If you work with us through any communication channel (chat / forum) or through web forms, the data may be stored for future use.
  4. Wir werden Ihr Gespräch mit unserer Kundenbetreuungshotline nur mit Ihrer Zustimmung aufzeichnen, wie es nach gültigem Recht zulässig ist.
  5. We also collect the information that we, as a company, need to review, identify, process, and authenticate your person in order to provide you with a more efficient experience with our services. All this is done within the framework of the applicable law and is partially required by it. We also use this collected information to verify and identify the information provided by the user.

Here is an excerpt of the data we collect automatically when you use our services or create an account on our Mr.PRIME website:
While interacting with us, we collect the following information from you:

  • Ads that you prefer
  • Your message to us

There are several other types of information we collect from the devices you use to visit our website or use our services, including:

  1. device type
  2. Unique identifier or device ID
  3. Unique device token and
  4. Advertising ID

Note: All this information will only be collected if you register with us as a registered user or if you provide us with your e-mail address. We also receive the location information transmitted by your device. This locator service setting can be adjusted in most cell phones, disabling the sharing of your location information through the settings. You can actively co-determine and define the transfer of location data. The information collected from the connection between the user and Mr.PRIME may include the following statistical information:

  1. computer information
  2. Referrers-URLs
  3. IP address
  4. Advertising data
  5. Number of page views
  6. Traffic from and to the website
  7. Browsing history of the user (only in relation to our services and websites) and data from the log files of the web server.

Here are the data collected through cookies and similar technologies:
We at Mr.PRIME use unique identifiers, web beacons, cookies and similar technologies to collect data about you. We collect information about the content you access, links you click on, and any other valid activity you may have in relation to our service and services (newsletters / advertisements).

To learn more about how these technologies are used in Mr.PRIME, please visit our website for cookies, web beacons and similar technologies here

Here are the details of personal information collected by social networks (or social media plugins):
We at Mr.PRIME are convinced that our customers will benefit from the implementation of the following plug-ins of the providers Facebook Inc., USA („Facebook“) and Twitter Inc., USA („Twitter“) on our website. These plugins create a direct connection between the respective social network and your browser. When you visit our website, this automatic connection helps social networking providers get the information about what you’ve visited and surfed on the site along with your IP address.

By clicking on the plugin (while logged in), you can easily link all content from Mr.PRIME to your specific profile on social networks. In this way, the social network provider can easily link your profile to our website. However, we would like to inform you that all content received by the social media provider belongs exclusively to him and we have no insight into it. The collected data is used exclusively by the social networks themselves. If you want to know more, you can visit more details on these pages for Twitter and Facebook.

If you do not want to give these social networks access to your information, you must ensure that every time you visit Mr.PRIME, you are logged out of the user account of that particular social network. This will not connect the social network server to your account on our website.

How does Mr.PRIME use your personal information?Black-Line-Image

When we use the information you collect, we use your information for a variety of services, which may include our business purposes under the different legal basis. The following list gives a brief overview of how and on what legal basis we use your personal data:

We collect and use the personal data collected by you to fulfill and execute the contract concluded with you. This is done to offer you our advertised services. We comply with (Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR) so that we can fulfill the legal obligation (Article 6 (1) (c) GDPR) or safeguard your essential interests (Article 6 (1) (d) GDPR ). This would include the following cases:

  1. To personalize the content of Mr.PRIME and its services in accordance with your actions and interests recorded by us, so that participants can always reach their destination quickly, easily and successfully when using the services.
  2. To keep our services safe and always operational;
  3. To grant our users access to our services, tools and applications in order to enable them to use our services. To advertise (this would include billing);
  4. In order to analyze the service quality, we carry out an appropriate performance improvement
  5. Also to give you the opportunity to post ads on the website;
  6. In order to check and ensure that the data is correct, we check it with third-party vendors selected by us.
  7. To be able to offer you the best possible customer service by phone or e-mail.
  8. To give you access to the details of your generated listings and searches along with other features we offer;
  9. Interacting with you in relation to your account, which would make it easier for us to resolve issues related to your account, can also help us settle disputes of any kind and collect fees or monies. (For the above mentioned work or services we can contact you using any medium of text messages, telephone, email, post or push notifications.)
  10. Collect location data to target our location-based service (advertising, search results and personalized content).
  11. This collected location data can also be used to display the business address of the car dealers registered with us. We use it to include the place in the map available on the website. If any of our registered users do not want to share their location with us, they can contact our customer service.
  12. Review, identify, mitigate and investigate fraud, security breaches or other potentially prohibited or illegal acts.
  13. Also, to enforce our General Terms & Conditions , along with this Privacy Policy and other notices.

We have a legitimate interest in using your personal information where your privacy, rights and freedom do not prevail. In accordance with (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR). To this end, we have introduced some controls to align our interests with those of your freedom and rights. Below are our basics for using your data:

  1. For example, to continually improve our offerings and services, we review the crashed or blocked pages to identify and resolve the issues that have been logged. This helps us to give you and other users a better and more engaging experience in using our services.
  2. To personalize, analyze, and improve our advertising based on what may interest you, so that you will only see advertisements that are relevant to you;
  3. To send you information about offers, discounts, coupons, promotions, surveys, polls and questionnaires of any kind by mail or e-mail. This also includes interacting with you in matters of public policy or other relevant matters related to the services we offer over Mr.PRIME. All of this may include an invitation to participate in public order campaigns, such as: For example writing letters or participating in a petition.
  4. Targeted marketing to present promotional offers and service updates that may be of interest to you;
  5. To analyze our marketing campaigns (quality, click-through rates, opening rates)
  6. Control and improve the information security of the services offered by Mr.PRIME.

Only after your approval (Article 6 (1) a DSGVO) can we use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To provide marketing information via e-mail, SMS, phone calls or invitations to surveys, dealer reviews or market research.
  2. To direct marketing campaigns from / to third parties to you.
  3. To personalize third-party advertising in accordance with your interest, as displayed on other third-party websites.
  4. To determine the exact location to offer our services related to your location.
  5. Disclose your personal information to our respective partners so that they can offer you various types of financing offers.

Note: Any registered user of Mr.PRIME may exercise his right to object at any time and revoke his consent to the transfer of personal data at any time. We may use technologies that automatically make decisions and automatically generate profiles from users. Aside from the potential legal necessity or your consent to this by contract, we will not make any programmed decisions about you that would harm you.

Here is a selection of how we use your informationBlack-Line-Image

You may decide for yourself how we use your personal information to inform you about our relevant campaigns and show you personalized advertising

Message settings for advertising campaigns
If you do not want to receive communications from us on current marketing campaigns, you can conveniently and easily use the link in the email you received or your user account settings at (My Mr.PRIME / / Settings / / Newsletter) of these unsubscribe. We have categorized the messages so that you can continue to receive individual campaigns as needed and only disable those that are no longer relevant to you. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to initialize the cancellation (for example, by emailing ). In the event that you have already received an advertising marketing message, you can also find an opt-out link in each message at the end of the message. We will not share your personal data with third parties for advertising purposes or sell them to third parties without your consent.

Personalized advertising and usage rating
You may revoke your consent at any time if you do not wish to receive tailor-made advertising or we should not collect pseudonymous data when you visit our website. In this case, you would not get personalized advertisements on our and other websites. An opt-out or opt-out usually means that you will not receive advertising after you have opted out, as described in this privacy statement, but you may still be collecting other private information. Without your consent, third parties will not have access or opportunity to monitor or collect your private information on our websites. Please follow the instructions on the following page Cookies, Web Beacons and related technologies .

The feature, stay logged in
After successful registration on our website, you will remain logged in for a specific time interval. If the time interval has expired without recognizable activity, you will be logged out on the system side. If you have logged in via a public computer, we recommend that you immediately log off after completing work in order to prevent misuse of your access by third parties. As soon as third parties have access to your user account, account activity, advertisements, customer inquiries can be viewed, managed and changed. Specific actions a third party could take with access to your account include:

  • Manage existing / new advertisements
  • Contacting seller / buyer
  • Insight into the historical activities of your account
  • Access to your My Profile page
  • Leave feedback or send complaints about feedback.

To change your username or password you will be asked for the currently valid password so that no third party can exclude you from your own account. There are several ways to log off the active session. You can log in directly on the „My profile – Log out“ website, or you can delete the browser’s cookies, which you should also log out. Some browsers also allow you to directly delete all cookies when you close the browser, which would also log you out if you close the browser. Please check in the settings of your browser if it supports this function.

Your rights and how you can receive, control and correct your personal informationBlack-Line-Image

You can access, review, and customize your personal information if you have successfully logged into your user account. Please update your individual information should these data stored on our servers have changed or be incorrect. It can occasionally happen that ads in certain properties after successful publication are no longer changeable. Your legal rights are respected by us:

  • (DSGVO Art. 15) According to you, you have the right to know which personal data we have stored or stored about you.
  • (DSGVO Art. 20) On request, we offer you a copy of your personal data in an organized, shared and machine-readable form.
  • (DSGVO Art. 16) Should your personal data be incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request an improvement or supplement from us.
  • You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data at any time.
  • (DSGVO Art. 17 + 18) You have the right to request a deletion or restriction of your data. This is subject to applicable laws and may affect your ability to use one of our services.

To request information and to determine whether any fees are due under applicable laws, you can use the request function provided in your user account. We will review your application and separately tell you in an email if there are any costs for you. In certain situations, it may also cause us to refuse to disclose, modify, or delete your data, including those who have the right to do so. However, this is only possible under certain conditions and in accordance with legal requirements.

Our service offerings and customer support services are largely based on your provided data. If you deny us your consent to use or process your collected data in whole or in part or forward them to our partners as described above, this will also severely affect our service to you, which we offer in our terms and conditions.

You can either close your user account permanently on your own, which also entails the deletion of all data available to us on your user account. To do this, please log in to the user account and click on Settings. In the overview shown, you can now find the menu for deleting the account. Alternatively you can ask us to delete your user account and all related personal data. If deletion is possible due to your account activity and in accordance with the law, this will be done by us.

How we can share your personal informationBlack-Line-Image

Below is a brief description of where your personal information may be shared: To our Mr.PRIME business customers

  • We only provide your personal data to our dealers if you contact them on their own initiative.
  • If a financing request initiated by you is available for a vehicle offered by our Mr.PRIME dealer.

Financial institutions and third party providers

  • To improve our service and to make the feedback solutions more helpful for you this time. It may also be useful for payment processing and the presentation of advertisements.
  • Support for integrating rich display extensions, such as Google maps, with customer-facing location data.
  • Assistance in preventing, containing and detecting potentially unlawful acts, but also violations of the most recent General Terms and Conditions , fraudulent and / or security violations, as well as debt collection incidents and other business activities;
  • Financial organizations and other partner companies with whom we work together on interesting monetary products to show you products such as vehicle financing and insurance offerings. These business partners are only entitled to process your data with your consent.

Law enforcement institutions, third parties in legal proceedings and third parties authorized by law:

  • To comply with legal requirements and to comply with our General Terms & Conditions. Also to respond to the allegation that a listing or other content infringes the rights of third parties or preserves the rights, assets or safety of others.
  • Law enforcement or administrative authorities or accredited third parties in response to a request for data in connection with a criminal investigation or alleged violations, illegal conduct or other acts that commit us, you or another user to a judicial obligation. We will only provide the information that we think is appropriate for the inquiry or survey, eg. Title, city, zip code, mobile phone number, email address, IP address, ad content, fraud complaints.
  • Licensees and rightholders who have entered into a confidentiality agreement with us in connection with an investigation for fraud, unlawful acts or infringement of intellectual property, which we deem to be significant or reasonable in our own opinion. In such cases we will provide data collection by name, city, city, zip code, nation, phone number, email address, company name and ad content. In other words, the confidentiality agreement stipulates that the information may only be used in connection with legal proceedings and / or legal advice and / or the resolution of problems by the user who publishes the advertisement.
  • To financial institutions or credit institutions that are permitted under applicable law;
  • To all relevant third party organizations or companies that initiate legal proceedings or are involved in legal proceedings, if they provide us with a legal application, court order or appropriate legal action or if we understand that disclosing the information is necessary for threatening survival and to prevent partial or financial difficulties or to report a suspected harmful act.

Change in ownership
In the event that Mr.PRIME associates with another company or is acquired by another company, we may disclose all company-relevant information in accordance with our general privacy policy. These include, among other things, the personal data of our customers. If the above situation occurs, the newly merged company or new owner must comply with the current privacy policy with your personal information. You would be notified well in advance in advance of any divergent use of your personal data for the currently valid privacy policy.

How long will we keep your personal information with us?Black-Line-Image

At Mr.PRIME, we store your personal information for as long as it is essential for us. This may include any service provision you request, or for any purpose, such as any kind of legal action, enforcing our own terms and conditions, or resolving disputes. In general, the period in which we store your personal information may vary depending on the services we provide and the services you provide us. Data retention can often take place because we are under a legal obligation. Here are some factors that may affect the retention of information:

How long will your personal information be needed by us for our services?
To maintain proper financial and business records, protect our systems, and improve the performance of our products or services, we keep records of your personal information. This is the basic rule that serves as the basis for determining the retention periods for your personal information.

What if my personal information contains confidential information?
If your personal information contains sensitive information, a short retention period is usually considered.

Has the customer given his consent for safekeeping?
If the customer has given his consent for a longer period of time, his data will only be stored in accordance with his consent.

Is Mr.PRIME subject to a legal, contractual or related obligation to store your personal information?
Examples include the laws required to obtain information in the relevant jurisdiction, government instructions for storing data related to a request, or individual data held for potential litigation. After we no longer need to retain your personal information, we will safely discard it in accordance with our information care and deletion procedures.

Cookies and similar technologiesBlack-Line-Image

When you visit our Mr.PRIME website you can use our services, applications, tools or news. In this case, we may apply cookies and similar technologies. All of these technologies are used to make the services on our website, including marketing and advertising, better and safer. With the above policies, we’ve also outlined all sorts of opt-out policies and methods that allow any user to disable or delete the use of cookies and similar technologies on our website.

Protection of your dataBlack-Line-Image

We protect your information using professional and organizational protection standards to reduce the risks of loss, misuse, illegal access, disclosure and alteration. Some of our protection measures include firewalls and data encryption, physical access restrictions on our data centers, and data access rights controls. If you’d like to learn more about how to protect online buying and retailing or to report a problem with your account, contact us.

Other important privacy informationBlack-Line-Image

What happens to the personal information you share about Mr.PRIME?
With the approach that works for Mr.PRIME, other users on our platform have access to the data you share with Mr.PRIME. We allow users to post ads and other content to share with other registered users and website visitors through the services we provide. From our point of view, it is advisable to pay particular attention to how certain personal information is published and to whom it is shared. Any user who is registered with Mr.PRIME is responsible for the personal information about him that is published and communicated, stored in his customer account. If you transmit your data to other registered users through our services, we can not guarantee the protection of the data transmitted in this way.

What responsibility does the user take for the data communicated to him via Mr.PRIME?
When a user interacts with another registered user (such as a prospective customer) and receives their personal information (such as name, e-mail address, or contact information), you, as the recipient of the personal information, are the sole person responsible for the security of these data and must comply with the data protection laws. The recipient of the personal data may only use this to contact the sender to process the request. In addition, the recipient may also use the data of the sender for further purposes, provided that the sender has agreed to this use in advance in writing.

Threatening and hideous emails
We strongly condemn any kind of misuse of the services we offer. As a registered user, you may not use our services (such as messaging tools) to send spam or other content that conflicts with our terms and conditions. In addition, you may not, without the express consent of the user, add users to your e-mail or SMS distribution lists for commercial purposes, or send you text messages about content of any kind, or contact them by telephone. This is also to be followed if the customer has bought something from you, unless you have the consent of the contact. Note: Sending unsolicited or aggressive emails or text messages violates our General Terms and Conditions. Please inform our customer service , you should have received such spam or fraudulent emails. If you suspect that third parties have access to your account and have been abused, please contact us at

Aids for communication and contact
With Mr.PRIME, all messages are checked and filtered by means of automatisms, which are sent via the provided communication means. It is intended to identify and block viruses, spam, illegal, prohibited content, as well as malicious and phishing mail attacks. It may happen that messages are filtered manually to develop the automatisms. Messages that have been filtered out are not backed up permanently.

Privacy of children
Mr.PRIME is a general audience-based website that is not intended or used for children. Users who are considered minors (children) under their respective national legislation are prohibited from opening a customer account in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Business, as there is no business capacity. For this reason, no personal information from children is knowingly archived on our servers.

Privacy practices of third parties
Our Privacy Website is about the use and handling of all data collected by the registered users of our website. All of this personal information is collected primarily to improve our services and to provide them efficiently. In any case, if you pass the information on to third parties yourself, or if you are directed by one of the links of third parties from our website on their websites and surf there, and share your personal information, then the privacy policy and the information contained there of the website third parties. Please note that we (Mr.PRIME) can not guarantee the protection or security of the information you provide to third parties through their websites. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions before completing a transaction process or sharing your personal information. This must be followed even if one of these third parties is listed either as a merchant or as a buyer on our websites.

Contact usBlack-Line-Image

There is always doubt or there is a possibility that you do not want to go through such extensive content to dispel your doubts. If you have general privacy questions or complaints about the privacy of your personal information or about your privacy or our privacy practices, you may email us your concerns at . Alternatively, you can also contact our customer service with your request.

If you want to write us your problem or complain, you can find our postal address here:

Roman Baier
Fasanenweg 40,
74080 Heilbronn,
Phone: 0176 456 10879

Of course, you also have the opportunity to contact the data protection authority responsible for us, because your freedom to register complaints with a data protection authority remains unchanged.

Der Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit Baden-Württemberg
Königstraße 10a
70173 Stuttgart

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