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User Cookie Notice


In browsing/interacting with our sites, applications, tools, services, or messaging, either we or our authorized service providers might employ cookies web beacons, or other similar technologies for collecting and storing data/information to assist you with a safer, faster, and better experience to personalize the advertising.

This webpage has been framed just to help you to learn about what these technologies exactly do and how do we integrate on our websites along with our services, tools, and applications. Find a brief summary of few significant things that you must be aware of about utilizing such technologies.

The cookies employed by us and similar technologies have different functions. They either assist us to serve you with more targeted or relevant advertisements on our/other third party websites, or they are essential for operating our services, add other beneficial functionalities, or help us to enhance our performance.

We employ cookies and similar technologies that remain active on your devices only until your browser is active and also the cookies and similar technologies that remain active in your device for a longer period. However, you’re always free to block, delete, or even disable these technologies if you have this functionality available on your device. You can easily manage the cookies and your cookie preferences in the device settings of your browser.

At any point in time, being a user you can control the information you want to share with us by updating the personal preferences to enhance your experience with Mr.PRIME. These updation in preferences may affect the advertisements customized for you, or the services we offer to you via our website or applications or tools.

We take proper measures in securing your data and personal information. We’ve employed a unique identifier to ensure that only we at Mr.PRIME are authorized to access your cookie data. Apart from us, our authorized service providers can only access the data collected by cookies.

In case you’re not well versed with who exactly are service providers, then here’s a brief explanation for you: service providers are the organizations that assist us with numerous prospects of our business, which may include advertisements, services, operations, and tools. We’re quite fussy in selecting our service provider, therefore, we use some standard and authorized service providers to surface relevant ads about our services on the web. They are further allowed to place cookies (third party cookies) on your device through our services. Also, they might gather information which might help them recognize your device, including some unique identifiers or IP-addresses.

We employ cookies, and other technologies similar to web beacons only for the reasons that are described in this Cookie Notice, which is based on Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. We hold a legitimate interest in proper analysis and functioning of the services, tools, and applications offered by our website. Therefore, we abide by the GDPR guidelines.

As per the Article 6(1)(f) GDPR, the tailored personalization, analysis, and storing of your data or personal information for enhancing your user experience will be only carried out after you present your consent with us.


What exactly are Cookies and other similar technologies?
Similar to almost all other websites, we too employ the expertise of small data files (referred to as cookies) to place them on your devices, be it a tablet, smartphone, computer or any other device to help us store some information whenever you pay a visit to our website, or make use of our services, tools or applications.

The name of the cookies and other similar technologies associated with it might change. We’ve compiled a short list of common terminologies and definitions that will help you comprehend the usage of cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies in a more specific manner:


Cookies are commonly referred to as the small text files which are made up of numbers and letters. They’re placed in your device or its browser whenever you pay a visit to any website or view a message. They’re efficient in allowing the website to recognize a specific type of browser or device. Following are the types of cookies:

The cookies set up by the website for its users are known as First Party Cookies.

The cookies set up any third party (service provider of the particular website) on the website you visit are referred to as Third-party cookies.

Session cookies are the ones which remain active while you browse a website and then expire when you stop browsing. In the duration of your session on the browser, these cookies help a site to link the actions you performed.

Last type of cookies, which is persistent cookies are placed on users/visitors device in between the browser sessions, allowing the website to remember the preferences made or chosen by the user during their multiple sessions.

Most of the commercial browsers offer settings with which the cookies can be removed or disabled. However, the preferences for each type of browser you may use must be set separately as different browsers tend to offer different functionalities.

WEB BEACONS:Black-Line-Image
You may understand clear gifs or pixel tags as the closest example of web beacons. They are small graphical images that are included on Mr.PRIME websites, tools, services and applications. Web beacons are utilized to recognize the users and their behavior, moreover, they work in conjunction with the cookies.

HTML 5 cookies, flash cookies or any other web app software methods that are utilized as technologies to store the information on our device or browser are some examples of similar technologies related to cookies. Mostly, these similar technologies are not entirely managed by you or your browser, they are capable of operating nearly on all of your browsers, and might demand management via installed applications.

At Mr.PRIME, we might interchangeably use the terms ‘similar technologies’ and ‘cookies’ in our framed policies in order to refer the technologies that we are or might be used to gather or store your data in either of our user’s device or browser.


At Mr.PRIME, we provide certain site characteristics, applications, services, and resources which are available only via these particular technologies. However, as stated before, you are completely free to block, delete, or even disable these technologies if your browser, downloaded program or device offers this property or feature. But, if you drop cookies or other technologies, you may not have the ability or you can be debarred to take advantage of certain site features, components, applications or tools. Further, you may be frequently asked to re-enter your password during your session on our website. You can also review your device or browser settings to understand more about how can you delete, disable, or block cookie related technologies.

Most of the time, cookie and its similar technologies enable our tools, services, applications, and sites to keep pertinent information in your own browser or device and later refer that information to recognize you on our internal system or server. Wherever possible, we shield our cookies and other similar technologies to help ensure that we and our authorized providers can only translate the information stored within these technologies. At Mr.PRIME, we don’t save your personal information of any kind any of these technologies, they’re just leveraged to obtain your information.

We initially strive to gain your consent on collecting and storing your personal information by using these technologies. Once we get your consent by informing you with a note about the usage of the technology and providing you the options to disable those technologies as explained above, then only these technologies collect your information for further purposes.


These technologies are many times required for proper flow of operations. We might employ cookies, web beacons or other comparable technology that are essential to the performance of our sites, services, tools, and applications. These operational tasks may include you accessing our website, solutions, tools, or applications. Moreover, these technologies also help us to recognize intermittent site behavior, avoid or detect any fraudulent activity and improve safety. In fact, these technologies can also be leveraged for putting up functions such as saved searches, shopping carts and much more on a website.

By integrating cookies, web beacons or other comparable technology, we can rate the operations of our websites, applications, services, and tools, including analytical methods to help examine the performance of the website. This helps us understand how our customers use our websites, determine when you’ve socialized with our messaging system, and determine whether you have seen an item or link. Additionally, these technologies are quite helpful for us to improve the overall feel and experience for you after analyzing your behavior through the information collected.

These technologies allow us to offer you improved functionality when accessing or using our sites, services, tools or applications. This may consist of identifying you once you log onto our sites or keeping track of your behavior on our website, such as preferences, interests or items that were previously viewed. All these information collected cumulatively assists us to improve the functionalities provided on our website.

These technologies allow us to offer you improved functionality when accessing or using our sites, services, tools or applications. This may consist of identifying you once you log onto our sites or keeping track of your behavior on our website, such as preferences, interests or items that were previously viewed. All these information collected cumulatively assists us to improve the functionalities provided on our website.

These technologies along with first-party or third-party cookies, web beacons, and comparable technology can be leveraged by us to deliver relevant content, such as ads pertinent to your interests, or on third party websites, services, tools, and applications. This includes using technologies like if you’ve clicked on an ad, to comprehend the utility of the advertisements shown to you and about the content that has been delivered to you.

You can easily opt out from sharing the information with us, which would be utilized for the above-listed operations. In order to opt out of this use of third-party advertising-related cookies and web beacons, see the section „Authorized Third party operations for Ad Networks and Exchanges“ below. Staving off from our first-party advertising-related cookies or third-party advertising-related cookies and web beacons do not absolutely indicate you won’t see our advertisements, but merely this advertising will not be targeted to you through the use of first-party or third-party cookies.

At any point of time, you can control (e.g. what data you desire to share ) and update your personal preferences to enhance and also customize your experience on our site, including advertisements personalized to your interests, as you use our sites, services, applications, and tools. Make use of the hyperlink “Manage Your Cookie Settings for promotion and customization” at the top-most of this web-page to control the preferences of sharing the personal information.

Note: In case you don’t want to be a part of cookies and all other types of technologies we employ on our websites, tools, services, or applications, you may disable, block, or delete them; only if your device or browser permits you to do so.

  • For Carrying out Operations
  • Enhancing the Performance of the Site
  • Improving the functionalities
  • For Targeting Proper Advertisements

Some third parties also leverage the cookies from our website. We strictly ensure that we collaborate with companies that are authorized to set third-party cookies, web beacons or similar technologies for gathering and storing information in applications, our services, and tools with your permission or on our web sites. These service providers not only cooperate with us to leverage user data but they also assist us in delivering a safer, faster and better experience to you through our website.

We employ compile analytics and anonymous site metrics on our website with the help of these service providers and cookie-related technologies. These service providers also assist us in delivering our content and advertisements to our end-user. In order to learn any additional information on using Google Analytics, you can refer to the „Analysis, Reach Measurement Tools and also Google-Analytics“ section below. Our service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements with us and other legal restrictions in their usage or number of any personal details. The third party cookies are insured by the third parties‘ online privacy. To learn more on which third-party cookies are set on our website, you can refer the cookie settings page. From the cookie setting webpage, you can also disable the use of cookies or any other similar technology.

Although we and our third-party service provider are authorized to use these technologies, but we usually do not let any third party articles on our web sites (for example, item listings, member-to-member communications, classified listings, opinions, reviews, etc.. ) to comprise or utilize any cookies, web beacons, local storage or equivalent technologies for tracking purposes or to get your private info.

Note: In case you identify that a listing or other third party content is collecting personal information or using tracking technologies on our website, please do report it to


Mr.PRIME utilizeds third parties to display advertisements to you (the user/visitor). These third parties may include exchanges and advertising networks. These service providers may then utilize the third party cookies, web beacons, or similar technology to gather your personal data. Moreover, they also might collect information suhc as your devices IP address, your devices identifier, or IDFA (identifier for advertising). The data gathered by these third party agencies might be put in use to offer more relevant advertising for you on our tools, applications, or websites.

Following bullets might help you in getting more understanding about the third-party advertising cookies and how to opt-out from these information sharing technologies:

The next section in the page will help you learn about Google Analytics.

You can also visit our particular webpage for learning more on ‘Online beahavioural advertising’.

If you desire to enhance your personalized experience with our applications, tools, services, and websites, including your consent to do so, you can visit the cookie settings. There you can also find details on our third party service providers along with their provacy statements and the possible settings to personalize your experience with them and with us.

Here’s a list of our significant third-party websites:

  • (Language available: English)
  • (Language available: English)

Mr.PRIME utilizes Google Analytics. Just in case you’re not aware of what exactly is Google Analytics, then here’s a brief explanation; it’s a website investigation service of Google Inc. („Google“) to constantly enhance our site.

Google Analytics uses cookies, bits of text information which are saved on your own computer and empower your usage of our site to become analyzed. The data generated by cookies regarding your usage of the online offer (such as your IP address) is delivered into your Google server which is installed in Europe (or at a member state of this arrangement to the European Economic Area) to anonymize the IP address to stop individuals from becoming identified. The truncated IP address will only be saved after it’s anonymized and then only will be transmitted into your server in the United States. Only in special cases is that the IP address shortened therein when its sent to the server in the US. On our behalf, this info will be used by Google to analyze the usage of the site, to create market reports and to supply services related to our industry. Google ensures that they don’t merge your IP address with any other data present on Google’s server.

With Google Analytics Reports we’re able to analyze anonymous data, such as:

If you’ve understood the above usage of Google analytics and what does it collect, then you can decide whether you want to avoid Google-based cookies or accept it. In case you desire to avoid Google Analytics cookies from taking your information, then you can refer your browser settings to do so. But in such a scenario, we must point out that you might not have full capacity to completely enjoy all the features of our site. At any time, you can also ward off the data rendered by the cookie involving the use of this site (such as your IP address) from being listed and delivered into Google system along with the processing of the information by Google.

You can stop Google from rendering your information by downloading and installing the browser plugin accessible via the following link:

For learning more around this, you can visit following links:

The above links will inform you about the general inforamtion on privacy of Google Analytics.

Note: Just for your information, we must inform you that „gat._anonymizeIp();“ code is integrated in Google Analytics for Mr.PRIME website to make sure that IP addresses that it records can be stored in an anonymous (IP masking) manner.

Apart form the plugin, if you desire to prevent your information from being recorded by Google Analytics, then you do it by clicking on the following link. As you click on the below link, you’ll receive a request to install an opt-out cookie, which will the prevent each and every personal information of your from being recorded during your visits on Mr.PRIME:

Deactivate Google Analytics For My Visits on Mr.PRIME

In case you are affirmed to disable or modify Google Analytics only for showing tailored content of your interest, then can adjust that by visiting the Google Advertising settings at your cookie settings or in Google Ad Settings.

  1. Google Analytics
    • Demographic information (such as gender or age) and the particular interests sections of the traffic that we witness on our website; and
    • The efficacy of the promotion strategies on other sites (for instance, amount of clicks and impressions on ads that we get from third-party cookies or similar technology and procedure from Google Analytics. This info is assembled by the parties). In addition, we use this anonymous data to targeting and targeting functions to provide or possess third parties (in relation to the usage of third-party cookies) provide articles, such as advertisements pertinent to your interests, on third party websites or on our own.
    • or,
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